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p Integration Project, signed by government leaders of Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Chile in April, as well as the Latin American Integrated Market, formed by the stock exchanges o

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crisis. She said that "It has taken longer for some of my friends to find full-time jobs. One friend has had to do full-time temporary work for a year and a half and hasn't been

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-elected as party leader Wednesday, positioning him to become House Speaker in the new Congress. Eric Cantor was elected majority leader, the second-ranking post in the House Repu

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n the program too early or too late. "It's important not to remove support, especially when the recovery is fragile and the tools available to monetary policy - should the economy

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s across nearly 10 countries in the region, more than 20 percent of the rainforest has already gone, according to the Rainforest Action Network (RAN). And half of remaining parts

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nd to an earthquake in and around the country's largest city, said army chief General Julio Aviles. The drill was organized by the Civil Defense Army with backups from the Red Cro

dad Juarez is Mexico's most violent city due to an ongoing clash between drug smuggling organizations that want to use it as a base to move drugs into the United States. Mexican P