nomy Minister Amado Boudou would be her running mate in the Oct. 23 general elections. "The Minister of Economy, Amado Boudou, is who will accompany me so that together we submit t.

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Novozymes, the world leader in bio- innovation and industrial enzymes, announced on Wednesday its plan of establishing an integrated food-energy business in Mozambique here at th.

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ding Molotov cocktails and C4 (explosives)." Ortega said she told the UN council that the Venezuelan government planned to punish those responsible for the violence, as part of eff.

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July 9 (Xinhua) -- With the U.S. job market shedding old positions faster than its pace in adding new ones, the ordeal of searching for work has itself turned into a full- time j.

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SWAT teams arrived and attempted to enter the room, but the gunman pointed his weapon at the officers. After several hours of negotiations, officers heard a shot inside the room. .

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t caused no serious damage. When the quake occurred at 16:51 p.m. (2151 GMT), some scared residents ran into the streets and yelled for help. However, the majority remained calm, a .

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10 spending level. After the House vote, members began consideration of two healthcare resolutions that would amend the spending bill to block federal funding for Planned Parentho.

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the global financial stability. Geithner said that the world needs to develop a global margin standard, not only on minimum standards for bank capital, but also for margins on un.

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med forces" which illegally entered Nicaraguan territory. However, Costa Rica said "there is no doubt" that Calero Island belongs to Costa Rica and brought the case to the OAS, ask.

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